Introduction to THERM

  • 2 Days
  • £180

Learn how to use THERM software to understand thermal bridges and generate Psi-values, at your own pace.

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THERM Online Course

Self Paced Learning

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Self Study

1 Year Access

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£180 ex. VAT

Is this course for you?

The course presumes that the student is a Passivhaus Designer/Consultant, or has a similar level of understanding of building physics.

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"This invaluable course gave me so much more confidence and skills needed to use THERM."

THERM Graduate

What will you learn?

Learn to improve your buildings using THERM software in your own time and at your own pace.  Course includes step by step software installation instructions.

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Next Steps

We can issue an optional attendance certificate. We are not aware of any body that currently approves training schemes for thermal bridge modelling.

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Course Fees

THERM on-line course: £180+VAT.

Cost includes access to our online learning platform for one year. 

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Course Overview

This self-directed online course aims to explain:

  • Why they are significant
  • How they vary
  • The concepts of calculation
  • How to calculate them using the THERM software 
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Course Structure

  • How to Use This Course (60 Minutes) 
  • Learning Objectives (5 Minutes) 
  • Introduction (60 Minutes)
  • Heat Loss Calculations (20 Minutes) 
  • Exercise 1 – Wall Corner Junction (60 Minutes) 
  • Exercise 2 – Combined Thermal Bridge (60 Minutes)
  • Conventions and Software (30 Minutes) 
  • Exercise 3 – Gable Wall to Roof Junction (120 Minutes)
  • Exercise 4 – Ground Floor to Wall Junction (120 Minutes)
  • Exercise 5 – Window Installation (40 Minutes)
  • Thermal Bridges in Building Regulations Part L (10 Minutes)
  • Thermal Bridges in The Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) (10 Minutes) 
  • End-of-Course Exercise (180 Minutes) 
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What our graduates say...

"The course also deepened my understanding of the impact of thermal bridging more generally."

therm Graduate

"I now feel confident in my ability to assess individual thermal bridges if this is ever needed on a future project."

therm Graduate

"The content was very well explained and demystified what would otherwise be a difficult piece of software to master."

therm Graduate

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